Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our Word View - Delight

This week Liz chose the word DELIGHT.  So many ways to go with this word.  In the end I chose a picture from this time last year.

I had no idea how much delight she would bring into my life!  I knew she'd be a lot of work and that the kids would love her but I didn't know I would fall head over heals for her too.  She is a joy!  Every morning when I open up her crate and she greets me she is full of unconditional love.  She is such a good dog.  She has provided my family with countless hours of delight.  How blessed we are to have her in our lives.

Please go over to Our Word View to see Liz's interpretation and check out next week's word. 



Liz said...

I had always been a cat person until 19 years ago we got our first family dog, then 6 months later our second. They passed away four years ago at 15 years old. Now we are on our 3rd and 4th family dogs! I can not envision our lives ever without dogs. We even went out and bought a king size bed so the dogs can sleep with us! :) They are such a joyous distraction in your life!

Barbara said...

Liz it is so interesting, I grew up with family dogs. I loved them as a kid, but being in my own home we always seemed to be adopted by stray cats that would become a part of the family. In the 20 years here in this home we had 4 beautiful cats take us in ;) When our last feline friend left us we returned to the world of dogs and it has been amazing. I would love to get a friend for Flicka but I think for now one is enough.

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