Saturday, March 31, 2012

Restful Saturday

Well it was an 'at home' day for me today! Spent the morning planning for science lessons next week.  I think it took me far longer than normal.  I got enough done to put the work aside and rest and watch tv for the day.   Even with all that resting I'm not feeling much better.  Early to bed again tonight with the hopes of nipping this head/chest cold in the bud.

Last night I did spend an enjoyable couple of hours with n just hanging out in her room, resting and listening to music.  We also shared stories about our days.  It was fun to connect with her.  She enjoyed it too!  Not sure if I've shared her big news.... her braces are now off!!! Almost 2 years of wearing braces has paid off.  She has the most amazing smile!  Her teeth are straight and bright white.  She is now even more beautiful than before!

Happy Saturday everyone.


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