Sunday, March 4, 2012

Don't Blink!

If you blink the weekend will be gone!  At least that is how it has seemed around here lately.  The weekends go by amazingly quickly.  Just when I feel like it is time to relax I realize that it is time to prepare for next week.  It was a very productive weekend however!  Report cards done, social studies test corrected, hair colored, birthday celebrated and gifts opened and readied for the morning.

This past week also went by in a flash.  My first full week in 4th grade was fabulous.  We are all managing the transition quite well.  I love this class.  The children are engaging and for the most part happy to be at school.  They listen and get their work done.  It truly is a pleasure to spend the day with these students.  The transition has not been without it's challenges. I was left with the monumental task of inputting and sorting out grades for all of my students.  Documentation for each curriculum area varied.  Some was quite good while other documentation needed a bit of consideration.  In the end I completed the task and even though I inputed over 1200 grades I feel good about the end result and I'll take inputting grades into the computer any day over handwriting grades on the old 4 layer report cards that required white, green, yellow and gold white out in case of mistakes.

I feel truly blessed.  I hope you are all feeling blessed in your lives as well.


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