Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Back to The Hunger Games

So as I began in the last post...

We were able to see The Hunger Games movie this past Saturday.  Our anticipation had been building for months.  N and I have both read all three books in this series and n heard all about the action from us and friends at school.  I have had many disappointing  experiences over the years with movies based on novels.  Typically I am disappointed by the movie!  So to say I was concerned about the quality of this movie is an understatement.  My son is a purist when it comes to novels turned movie.  He expects the producers to recreate, in a very small amount of time, what the author has developed over hundreds of pages of detailed text.  So going to any literature based movie is a tall order in our home!

From the opening to the final credits this movie did not disappoint.  It stayed true to the story.  Only a few details were changed and in my opinion the changes or omissions did not impact the plot or character development.   Throughout the movie I found myself comparing the actor to the image of the character in my mind's eye!  In several cases I was completely off.  The casting was very good.  The main cast of characters was amazing!  I know that there has been some controversy about the violent nature of the movie. My question to those who are concerned about this is 'Did you read the books?'.  The movie could have been far more violent.  Both N and I thought that if they depicted on screen all that was written then the movie would have been rated 'R'.  I think that some folks who went to the movie without reading the books were most likely taken aback by the subject matter.  Without some preparation...even with the background of reading the books... the subject matter is tough.  Kids fighting to the death in a survivor type situation that is manipulated by adults is disturbing subject matter.  In any event this movie left me wanting more!  I can't wait to see how the film makers work their magic on the second book.


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