Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Made It Through

Well we all made it through the first day of MCAS!  Long comp for N and the kiddos in my 4th grade yesterday and ELA for n today.  The long composition made for a very long day.  I find the process so interesting.  Writing a multi page piece during one day from planning to final draft is something that is not done in school.  Writing is a process that typically happens over the course of time; multiple days with mini lessons that provide instruction and support as kids master their skills.    I get that accountability and assessment is necessary and can even be helpful but I wonder who in the private sector, or even in the public sector would sit in an office at the same desk for an entire day working on only one project.  N's prompt was perfect for him.  I hope he did his best work.  I'm sure he did.  He is fully aware that how he does this year on MCAS has dire implications for his class selection next year.  If he performs at a certain level he will continue on the accelerated path he is currently on in Math and will most likely be able to take a foreign language next year.  If language and simple problem solving.  We'll have to wait until mid summer to find out.

We are one day closer to the weekend.  There is much excitement in this house around the opening of the Hunger Games movie.  I am as excited as the kids!  We will definitely go out to see the movie on Friday.  I'm sure the movies will be packed but sometimes that can be as much fun as having the theater to yourself.  I can't wait!  The book series was amazing.  I'll let you know how the movie compares.

Time to get back to morning chores!  Puppy is calling.  Time to go out.


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