Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Texture Tuesday-Celebrate

So we began our decorating yesterday.  It was a fun working with the kids to bring up, assemble and decorate the tree.  We also put up decorations throughout the house.  I guess this is what was on my mind as I worked on my photo for Texture Tuesday.   

Looking back at my image after receiving a kind comment I guess I should have written a child is born, rather than for he is risen.  I'm not going to change it because I believe everything happens for a reason and I like how this image looks.  Perhaps I'll go back and create an additional image.  



kareninkenai said...

this could be used for Easter, too; very beautiful texture processing and lovely composition. thank you for posting. karen {visiting from TT}

Light Trigger said...

love your first picture! very nice!

Light Trigger: our entry

Angie said...

So beautiful. :)

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