Sunday, December 18, 2011


Well this weekend went bye in a flash.  It has been a very exciting weekend.  Our renters have given us a deposit and are very excited to move into the house during the month of January.  They even showed R  a picture of a kitchen table they are picking up to go in the 'modern' house!  Funny I don't think of 40 M as modern.  I think we have found the right people to live in our house.  They will make it a home once again.   Their two little girls are adorable and excited to have a yard and a home where they can run and jump and make noise.  There is a level of relief as we move toward Christmas.  I am grateful.

There are other positives brewing on the back burner.  Things I won't write about yet.  My 21st Century Learner class is very inspirational.  I am excited by all that I am learning.  The information in this class gives me hope for our educational system... if only we could get the buy in from all the administrators out there.

Well after all the excitement I'm tired.  Time to rest up for a busy week ahead.


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