Thursday, December 15, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook 50

Outside my window...the sun is rising and the light is cool.  

I am thinking...that the tides might be shifting and this is a very good thing. 

I am thankful for...the life I live.  It is not perfect but it is mine and I am living it to the best of my ability, making choices and decisions and taking control of my own destiny.   

From the's been a yummy week!  Salad and rotisserie chicken, homemade chicken pie, pizza pockets to order.... yumm.  Tonight however will be leftovers.  

I am jammies still.  I'll be getting dressed for work shortly and wearing my gray cords (that are too big but part of my rotation) a light gray turtleneck and a cream faux fur vest. 

What I'm creating: cards, hand mono printed with a hand painted christmas tree. I've scaled down my card list this year so I thought hand made cards would be fun.

I am be working on my 21st Century learning class this weekend.  Hopefully I'll get all my lessons done so that I can move on to the next class.  

I am reading...not much lately.  N wants me to start one of his books but I'm short on time, we'll see. 

I am

Around the house...organizing, cleaning and decorating are on my to do list. 

One of my favorite enjoying being home and dreaming about the future.  

A few plans for the rest of the week: subbing, baking, crafting, cleaning, and sending a prayer to a friend who is going to a very important doctors appointment today.  I hope that she gets the answers she needs.   

A few pictures to share

Miss my little Fluffy! 


1 comment:

Judy said...

cute kitty cat!
wish I was on your card list - they sound wonderful - post some pictures!!


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