Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tired Day

Today was a tired day for me and I'm not sure why! It wasn't just a regular tired I felt exhausted. This was a short week too. We had a snow day Monday and then the kids had a half day on Wednesday. At my school we only had a half day on Tuesday and tomorrow is a professional meeting day so there will be no children at school, just the teachers working plans, portfolios and organization. So I shouldn't be tired. Oh well.

n and I have added a new element to our daily routine. Each night she will write me a note in our special journal and I will write back. This is actually not completely new to our routine. Over the past month or so she has become very interested in writing. Every night before she goes to sleep she spends time writing either in a notebook or on her wipe off board. I began responding so the journal was a natural evolution of what we were already doing. I so enjoy reading her little entries and she certainly seems pleased reading my notes to her each morning. It's nice to have that connection. I envision this journalling continuing indefinitely. I hope as she gets older she doesn't feel too cool to continue. I guess I should just take today and be grateful and enjoy.

I'm looking forward to a long weekend. I think we will work on some inside projects. We have some walls that are in dire need of painting. The upstairs hallway, the upstairs bathroom and the walls and ceiling of the stairway. The bathroom is what I will probably work on; first using a primer and then adding some sort of surfside color. Blues are my favorite. Almost every room in my home is painted in some sort of shade of blue. My favorite room is my TV room. I painted in a light denim blue using a special technique so that the walls look like sections of chambray or linen wallpaper. I always feel so calm in this room.

Well this has been a rambling entry but it feels good to write so I think I'll just go with the flow.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.




Anonymous said...

the journal writing is so wonderful!

Barbara said...

Thanks Kyra! I think it is wonderful too! It will also be nice for her to look back on one day.


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