Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stand for Children

Well last night was our Stand for Children founding meeting. We had about 20 people out of our 32 members come out on a very, very cold MLK evening. Valuable information was shared and I learned a lot about the actual education funding process. We even heard from a local high school student about what is going well and what needs to change in our local schools. It was very interesting. We also had an article published in our local paper regarding Stand for Children. I'm hoping that the article will generate interest in our group. It is so important for people who care about children and our future to become involved in providing the best possible education for all children. I would love to see every resident join. Not sure that will happen but it sure would send a message to the State House!

Now we will move forward with investigating local issues to tackle.


1 comment:

Judy said...

I agree with you whole heartedly: our children are our future! We could never spend too much on educating our youth, as we all gain.


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