Friday, January 11, 2008

Lurking About

So almost every day I check in with all the journals I have listed here on my blog. I rarely leave a comment but I certainly enjoy reading each journal and find myself interested in each person's life. It is kind of strange to feel a connection to people whom I only know through the Internet. Today when I checked into Forever Changed I read a post from the 10th regarding 'lurking'. I know just what Alicia is talking about. When I check my site meter I see that folks indeed visit my blog but I rarely receive a comment. I wonder who is reading and what they think about things that I find important. So I thought I would borrow a little bit of Alicia's post to share with anyone who is reading here in the hopes that folks will say 'Hello'. Especially folks who may be visiting on a regular basis without commenting-also know as 'lurking'!

From Forever Changed:

This is National De lurking Week, and today, January 10, is the official De lurking Day, so I say to you, Come forth!

What's your name? How'd you find me? What's your blog?

Just de-lurk darn it!

So say hello, I'm sure I'll be happy to meet you.



Alicia said...

Hi! It's me! I'm here!

Barbara said...

Thanks for saying 'Hi' Alicia. Maybe some more friends will decide to say hello now that you have broken the ice. :)


kyra said...

hi hi! i just put you on my links.

hip hip hooray for de-lurking day!

millie garfield said...

Hi Barbara

You left a very nice comment on my blog today so I decided to visit you.

I'll be de-lurking! I can do it now, my computer is behaving like it should. Happy Day!! ;')

Barbara said...

Hello Kyra and Millie! Thanks for commenting. It's nice to know who visits.


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