Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Well it has been a wonderful week off! Christmas was full of family, food and fun! The kids really enjoy spending time with the cousins, aunts, uncle and my Godmother. The day before Christmas Eve I drove up to Boston to pick her up and bring her to my home for the holidays. This has been a family tradition for over twenty years. For the last seven years, since my Mom passed away she has spent the holidays in my home. Prior to that she would spend the time at my Mom's home and we would go to them on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. My how times change. I now host the Christmas Eve family get together and we spend Christmas day at home. For the past several years we have enjoyed having R's sister spend the holiday with us as well. She is the pretty, fun Aunt. You know, every family has one. It used to be me before I had children. Now I'm Mom...a job I wouldn't trade for the world! Anyway, we had a great holiday and spent today preparing to go back to school.


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