Monday, March 19, 2007


So yesterday we thought we would be going to visit Grammy and 'J' in Chatham, however I have been battling a sore throat with congestion and a cough. YUCK! So we decided to stay home and keep my germs away from Grammy and 'J'. In their 90's they don't need to have their health compromised. Spoke with Grammy and she seemed OK about us not visiting. She did talk a lot about being homesick for her family. She's only about an hour away but neither of them drive so they are pretty much housebound. Luckily we found a reputable elder care company and have a lovely woman going in four days a week to see to their needs. But it still is not the same as being with family. She would like to move off cape closer to us but there are issues with John's family regarding that decision. We'll see what happens. To make things more complicated for them John is suffering from dementia and Grammy shows the beginnings of the disease.

Instead of travelling we spent the day relaxing. Little 'N' and I had some time to experiment with more silkfusion. I wanted to try creating some smaller samples. I thought we could get an idea on how much product we would use for each piece in case we go forward with this project in Little 'N's class. So we started with a base of 6"x6". It seemed easier for Little 'N' to place the fibers. She really enjoys the process. So far she has made three samples. We're not sure how we will use the material in the end but we definitely want to either make gifts using the material or display it in our own home. Little 'N' took pictures today of the three pieces. The are quite lovely although the pictures are not the best. She is quite the little artist!
After I dropped Little 'N' off at school I went to work in Big 'N's 2nd grade class. His teacher is great. She really incorporates the arts: music, drama, and art into her teaching. She had me hanging up beautiful wax resist pictures of clowns with accompanying riddles in the hallway and in her classroom. It amazes me how much these children are learning and how early they are expected to know what I used to introduce in the third grade when I taught in public schools before I had my children. I wonder what 'No Child Left Behind' is doing to our children. Anyway it was a big day for Big 'N' today as he had a play date with a classmate. A new friend this year. I was nervous at first but found out a good friend of mine knows the family and the mom is really nice and it is a safe place for my guy. I drove the boys to Big 'N's friends home and they spent the afternoon including dinner together. It was so quiet with Big 'N' out of the house this afternoon. He didn't come home until almost 7pm! I like this child and his mom and it turns out he has a little sister Little 'N's age. Its nice to make new friends.
On a side note I was very excited to get my first comment the other day from Sue. Thanks for reading Sue and if you have any ideas for my silkfusion samples please let me know.


Sue B said...

These pieces are terrific! I think doing fusion with a room full of kids will be loads of fun.

Barbara said...

I think it will be fun too, Sue! The process is so cool. I'll let you know how it goes and I'll post some pics too!


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