Friday, March 23, 2007

More silkfusion and more Grammy stories

So I was going to start with my Grammy story but I've decided to post a picture of my latest silkfusion sample so I will start there instead. This morning was spent with little 'n' relaxing and being creative. She worked on her picture and writing journal while I played with some natural soy silk roving fibers. The last few pieces I've worked on have been small in size but very enjoyable to work on. Today after saturating the piece with hot soapy water and removing the excess I painted on the fiber with liquid watercolor. I used a variety of blues and greens as well as a silver. I am delighted with the outcome. I like how the silver paint adds sparkles to the entire surface. I also like the movement in the fibers. I think this might be my favorite yet. I'm looking forward to trying out other paint colors on the natural fibers. I was concerned that the paint might stain my pressing sheet but it didn't, so that was a plus. I think I might have to buy more of the natural fibers.

On to my Grammy story. Yesterday there was a rather vague message from the elder care company that sends out the CNA to help with Grammy and 'J'. So with my very croaky voice(laryngitis) I called them first thing this morning to find out what is going on down in Chatham! So apparently Grammy has been antagonizing 'J' regularly causing him to become rather irate and agitated which then upsets Grammy as well as the CNA that is down there helping them. The crazy thing is that she is bringing up issues from the distant past that have already been resolved. Evidently the CNA was not sure if it is her place to step in some how to stop all the drama. I thought it was a no brainer that of coarse she should step in and say something. It is great that they call me to keep me informed so I gave them my 'permission' to say something to Grammy about her goading 'J'. They assured me that they will handle it in a gentle manner so that Grammy doesn't feel badly. They also asked if I would talk to her about how she talks to 'J'. That should be an interesting conversation.

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