Thursday, March 29, 2007


1. Who gave you your name and why? Did you have a family nickname? How did you get it?

As far as I know my mom gave me my name. I never heard a story behind my naming however I think I was probably named after my mothers sisters Barbara and Mary(May). My mom was the youngest in her family and very close to her sisters. As a young child I remember spending a lot of time with each of my three Aunts. Later in life I took the name Katherine as my confirmation name in honor of my paternal Grandmother and my mothers other sister Kathleen.

At a very young age I was given the nickname 'Barby'. It was always spelled with a 'y' never an 'ie' like the doll. Throughout my life and into my adulthood my family referred to me by this nickname. As a young girl this was fine, but as a young woman...not so much. Throughout my life I have only met a few women named Barbara. The women I have met have almost always been of a different generation. I can only think of two girls from my childhood who shared my name.

Another nickname given to my by my Uncle Paul, my mother's brother, was not a nickname at all, rather it was my full given name. 'Barbara Mary' is how he has always addressed me in conversation or in writing. It is funny when I speak with or write to my Uncle Paul I think of myself as Barbara Mary.

As an adult I introduce myself as Barbara, although old friends often call be Barb.

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