Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Well yesterday turned out to be rather busy. I was hoping to have time to work on some art projects but unfortunately life interrupted those plans! In the morning I had to call Grammy's Elder Care company again. I spoke with the head nurse and told her about my concerns regarding the negative comments written in the communication log. I also shared with her the fact that Grammy is worried about her 'girl'. The cause of these worries boil down to personal information that has been shared with Grammy that never should have been shared. The head nurse was happy that I brought this to her attention and agreed that the log was not a place for the CNA to vent frustration and that certainly there is a fine line between building a relationship with a client and sharing too much information. She said she would go down and check on Grammy and 'J' personally and let me know if there were any additional problems. She also said that she would speak to the CNA. Hopefully the situation will be rectified. I spoke with Grammy later in the day and she did confirm that the nurse had been down for a visit. She seemed to be less upset about everything, so that was good. She was concentrating on some financial problems that I will be helping her to sort out. There is always something!

One of the journals I read has an interesting component that I would like to adapt for my journal. At Maya's Granny http://mayagranny.blogspot.com/ the author includes a piece called In a Nutshell. It is an autobiographical piece she intends to share with her family. It reminds me of a book I gave to my mother prior to her death. The book Reflections from a Mother's Heart poses questions that are intended to allow you to share your life story and legacy with your children. Unfortunately my mother never started the book before she passed away 6 years ago. So I thought I would like to reflect on the questions and share the answers as a part of this journal. My intent is to someday share this journal with my children.

So for now I will go and start my day. Off to drop 'N' off at his school and for 'n' and I to go to school ourselves. Hope everyone has a great day.

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