Sunday, March 25, 2007

Another Postponed Visit

Well once again I have had to postpone our visit to Chatham due to illness. I am still suffering with laryngitis, sore throat and cough. I would feel terrible if Grammy or 'J' got sick. So I called this morning. Grammy told me I should go to bed and have 'R' take over for the day. I thought that sounded like a great idea, however unlikely. Grammy went on to tell me about how her CNA hates her. Again the drama continues. One of the requirements of the company that sends in the CNA s is that they keep a log regarding what goes on in the home each day. Well Grammy read the log after seeing her daughter-in-law reading it over the weekend. Evidently the CNA has written down some derogatory comments regarding Grammy and now Grammy is considering letting her go! I tried to reassure her that it was her helper's job to record how each day is going and that she is just concerned that there is too much stress in the home. It is interesting because this particular girl has only been in the home for three months. Evidently she thinks that Grammy and 'J's nitpicking and bickering is exacerbating 'J's outbursts. Little does she know that this is their life. Ever since I have known them they have bickered. Grammy tends to be the director and 'J' is the one who makes things happen. Is it annoying to be around and stressful at times? Absolutely, but it is what it is. I don't think that they will be changing at this point in their lives. It seems to me that this new person is not as experienced as she was made out to be and that causes concern. I hope that things will work out with this person but I want someone in the home who knows how to handle the outbursts and disagreements that come along with the dementia. I'll be contacting the company on Monday. We'll see what happens.

On a more positive note I did let Grammy know that we would be down for Easter. T and T from Maine will be coming too. I guess Grammy is planning on getting a ham and she wants T to make the mashed potatoes. He does make the best mashed potatoes ever so that will be fun. Maybe I'll make some fun dessert. I am planning on dyeing eggs before then. I'm looking forward to trying out my Ukrainian egg decorating kit. I read through the directions and it doesn't look too hard. It does look time consuming however. 'R' is at the store right now, hopefully he will find the white eggs I need to get this project started. I even have the tool I need to clean out the eggs. I'll post pictures if the results are ok. I'd love to give Grammy some beautifully decorated Ukrainian eggs for Easter. She has a fascination with Russia and I know she would enjoy such a gift. They would probably remind her of her travels in that part of the world.

Well it's time to get some more hot lemonade for my throat. Hopefully the hot lemonade and the vow of silence I have taken for the day will bring my voice back. You have no idea how hard it is for me not to talk!!

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milliegarfield said...

Me too - I have larynigitis now. Last week. I had a dry cough which turned into my losing my voice today.

Didn't talk all day today - let's see what happens tomorrow. Can't talk but that doesn't stop me from blogging!! Yah!!

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