Wednesday, March 21, 2007

So I got one of those calls from Grammy yesterday. She had a difficult day with 'J' and she was all stressed out. He insisted he had to drive and then when Grammy and Sandy their caregiver reminded him that he was told by his doctor that he couldn't drive. Well that was 'it' according to Grammy. He became agitated and proceeded to call his doctor to find out why he couldn't drive anymore. The nurse at his doctor's office told him again that the doctor did not want him to drive for safety reasons. At that point 'J' told her that he was going to find a new doctor. It sounds like he wasn't very polite. Grammy was very embarrassed about how he spoke to the nurse. He ended up not driving but the whole ordeal was very draining for Grammy. Alzheimer's is such an awful disease. She is struggling with caring for 'J' and is so tired. She has even talked about having him go into a nursing home. What a horrible decision to have to make. Today must have been a better day because she called to ask us to come down for Easter. She's hoping to have us and my brother in law and his partner from Maine come down for dinner. I think family is a good distraction for her so we will probably make a trip down for Easter.

On another note I just received some art supplies over the last couple of days. I found the dick blick art supply web site. What a great find. I also have their catalogs. It's so much fun to check out new art ideas. Anyway I ordered little N an art kit that included a canvas, acrylic paints, brushes and a butterfly pattern to follow. It was only $5.00! little 'N' is so excited. I also ordered an egg dyeing kit from another catalog. It includes supplies to make Ukrainian Easter eggs. I am really excited to try it out . Other exciting news on the art front is that we are planning an actual art studio space for me in our finished basement. I can't wait to get started. I wonder what kinds of supplies I should stock? It will be fun planning and creating a space that I can use purely for myself.

Well its time to get the children ready for bed. Early to bed for me too as I am still battling a head cold and sore throat that just won't go away!

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