Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy Birthday

Well today is my birthday!  For many years after my Mum passed away this day was extremely difficult for me to get through!  I miss her every day but even more so on my birthday.  I guess I understand why my Dad used to say that it was just another day.  I get that.  Even so a birthday should be celebrated and honored.  Today has been a good day.  My children and husband wished me 'Happy Birthday' first thing this morning.   My best friend called and sang to me before work.  They announced my birthday at school so I had many birthday wishes throughout the day.  I even had an entire 2nd grade class sing to me!  Many even gave birthday hugs.  Tonight we will order from a local Thai restaurant.  It will be relaxed and wonderful.  This weekend I'll bake up my favorite lemon ricotta cake and we'll have cake with whipped cream and raspberry sauce.  I am truly blessed.


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Liz Thomas said...

Again I hope you had a wonderful BDay!

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