Saturday, October 29, 2011

This and That

Have you ever started a weekend and thought where did my weekend go before it even began?  That is how I'm feeling right now.  There is so much that must  be done this weekend that I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.  We'll be heading out bright and early for the mall.  N will be getting his glasses today.  We also should check into some supplies for his project for the Geography fair.  He is tasked with creating a 3d model that has to do with Greenland.  He wants to create a paper mache island showing the three islands of Greenland and then his plan is to cover it with something that represents ice.  I'm thinking gelatin or epoxy.  I think a trip to Michael's might be helpful.  He also has some makeup work from being out of school on Friday.  I have photos to sort and tape onto portfolio papers as well as prep to complete for conferences.  In addition I have two lessons to complete for my online class.  Oh and let's not forget the pirate costume for n.  Finally I'll need to get the house clean, meals planned and cooked, groceries purchased, laundry done, bills paid and whatever else comes up over the next two day.  Holy cow!  I'm tired just typing all this.  Maybe I'll just sip on my second cup of coffee for a bit longer and enjoy this quiet moment before the hustle and bustle begins!



Anonymous said...

It's amazing how time passes us by before we know it. Don't focus so much on the completed picture but enjoy the time it takes to complete the picture. It somehow will get done in do time and if it doesn't, than it was not meant to. As mother's we are always thinking ahead of what must be done and sometimes we miss or overlook the little things that fall in between. I hope peace and harmony find you this stormy weekend and remember you are loved by your friends. - ct

Barbara said... have touched my heart, and sound very much like my very best dear one. Thank you for sharing your thoughtful words. I know that I am loved; and thankful for that love.


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