Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ahhhhh It's Saturday!

Oh the weeks have been long and busy.  There is much to do for work and home.  Schoolwork for the children is more intense and seems to carry over into the weekends a bit this year.  I guess it's time to get used to weekend homework.  Happily they are being somewhat eased into that reality.

We are all grateful that we have a long weekend.  I love having Mondays off with my children.  Mondays are my day off anyway but it is fun to be home with them.  We all get to sleep in a little and enjoy a free and easy day!  It will be a beautiful weekend in our neck of the woods.  Record breaking warmth is predicted for Sunday.  On the coast we might be a bit cooler but it will still feel like a flashback to summer. How lovely.

For today I will focus on my home and children.  There is cleaning to be done,  yard work to attempt, bulbs to prepare for wintering over, and a black and white puppy to water, feed and walk.  Even on days off there is much work.  Life...  Hopefully I'll fit in some artful endeavors, either through my photography or journal pages.  We shall see what the day brings.


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