Saturday, January 12, 2013

Still Here!

Oh my poor Surfside Serenity.  You have been woefully neglected of late!  I promise I will do better as soon as I get my head wrapped around my new teaching position.

This week was very busy.  My regular teaching hours will be 11am to 3pm but this past week I had to go in early 3 out of 5 days.  It's all good as I get compensated for my time.  Teaching is such an interesting career.  At first glance an 11-3 gig sounds so simple.  Once you step into the position you realize how much there is to do in a short four hours.  Truly any part time teaching position is really a full time job.  The amount of prep work and planning can not possibly be done in the half hour prep time that is provided each day.  I love planning and researching for any position that I take on I just have to make sure I don't let it take over my life... like it did this week.  Balance is what I'll be working on as I grow into my new position.

On another note,  N and I are going to the movies today!  We will be seeing Django Unchained, a movie we both want to see.  My friend C is going with her family to see Zero Dark Thirty.  We'll be exchanging notes on our experiences next week.  Tomorrow n and I will be going out as well.  We will go to the mall to browse.  We'll also visit a local produce store.  It will be a busy weekend.

To round out the weekend we will all be watching the Pats win!  GO PATS!!!!


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