Thursday, January 24, 2013


Outside my is pitch black and frigidly cold.

I am thinking...that I have to find a balance between work and home.

I am thankful for...loving my profession. 

From the kitchen...frozen pizza tonight.  The rest of the week has been full of healthy options from the kitchen.

I am creating...a warm fire to take the edge off the cold air seeping through every crevice of this house. 

I am work tirelessly to impress my new boss in the hopes that a full time position will come my way. 

I am wondering...when I will be observed in my new profession.

I am reading...Wild.

I am looking forward to... feeling more comfortable in my new position.

I am integrate myself into a variety of classroom settings.

Around the house...things are a bit messy but not out of control.

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things ... searching for school ideas on Pinterest!

A few plans for the rest of the week: having a fabulous Friday!  Picking up one new outfit, jeans for N, planning for the next week,  making coconut shrimp.

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