Monday, January 14, 2013


I'm popping in for a brief post.  I just had to share two unique and interesting experiences that my family has encountered over the past two weekends.  Both experiences could certainly be explained away with logical thinking, but anyone who reads here and knows me even a little would expect that I would not follow the logical thinking path.

Two weekends ago R subbed for a musician at a gig in a local town.  The gig was not in our community but not far away.  He was introduced partway through the evening, first and last name.  After that set a woman whom he had never met before came up to him, introduced herself and proceded to ask him if he was Anita's son.  Turns out this patron had worked in a nursing home with Anita, (R's mom) many, many years ago and she thought very highly of Anita and couldn't pass up introducing herself to R.  Interesting....

So fast forward to this past weekend.  It was a very busy weekend.  Sunday n and I went out and ended up at the accessories store Charming Charlies.  It was great fun looking around and she found a very cute pair of rain boots that she had to have!  I sent her up to ring out and waited for her by one of the displays.  When she came back to me she had a story to tell.  So part of the checkout procedure is to ask the customers' name.  n gave her name and the woman behind the counter asked her to repeat her name again.  n did and after doing so the woman looked at her and said " I thought you said your name was Anita."  n said she smiled and thought of telling her that her grandmother's name was Anita, but did not.

So for the past two weekends it seems that my MIL is trying to connect with us or at least let us know she is around.  Know that she is one of the many who watch over my family is comforting.  I miss her so very much!  She was an amazing woman.

Here's to you lovely Anita!


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Liz Thomas said...

Yeah that us strange but I would say she is trying to connect!

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