Saturday, June 11, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook 23

Simple Woman's Daybook Week 23


Outside my window...I see the bright greens of the vegetation on my back hill lit by the rising sun.  Simply beautiful and truly a gift after a long cold spring followed by summer highs for the better part of a week.  The greens are so cool and refreshing.

I am thinking...about the team building that will be going on in my family this summer. We have some pretty incredible stuff that will be going on over the next few months including the completion of 40 Mayflower.  (for the most recent update on that project go here)

I am thankful for...the moderation of the temperatures and the spring feel in the air.  I love the sun and warmth but I thrive in the moderate temperatures of spring and fall.  It feels so good to have sun and comfortable dry air.  

From the kitchen...well this week we have enjoyed pulled pork, steak tips with mashed potato and asparagus, and chicken salad.  Last night we did take out pizza.  Not sure what today will bring.     

I am pj's!  It's still early in the am.  I used to sleep later than this back in the day but it seems sometime between 7:00 and 7:30 my body clock wakes me up even on the weekends. It's not a bad thing as the mornings are usually quiet and peaceful. 

What I'm creating:  oooh  end of the year gifts for n's teachers are on the plate for this weekend.  Last week I spent a day making hand made paper in a purple hue.  I have matted at least a dozen photos so that n can choose a set for her teacher.  

I am purchase and read  Dr. Furhman's book Eat For Life.  I recently watched his PBS special and what he shared there made sense to me, but I feel like I should read his book before committing to any kind of life change.  

I am reading...still the same old stuff.....blogs as always and I have been spending time wetting my artistic appetite with a couple of mixed media books.  Flavor for Mixed Media by Mary Beth Shaw and  Paint Box Mixed Media Paint Box edited by Tonia Davenport.  Both of these resources are so inspirational.   

I am hoping that the end of the year will go smoothly for my children.  They are both excited for a break.  I am also hoping that our team building project starts before the end of the school year.  More on that soon. 

I am hearing...the quiet morning.  

Around the house...I'm looking forward to teaching my family that keeping the home organized and clean must be a team effort....not just Mum's job.  

One of my favorite cool morning air touched with a promise of warmth.  

A few plans for the rest of the week:   planting, creating photo cards, kombuchu

Here are some pictures I am sharing..


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Lydia said...

Have a great week, Barbara! :-)

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