Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl

Well it is a disappointment that the New England Patriots are not playing this year. It makes the Super Bowl rather irrelevant for me, yet I am watching anyway. Mainly I like to watch for the commercials. I have not picked a favorite yet but it is only 7:30 so I have time. What about the National Anthem sung by Jennifer Hudson. She has such a beautiful voice and I thought she was very poised as she sang. What a difficult year she has had. Tragedy touches everyone.

So in light of not having a team to root for tonight the kids wanted to know who we want to win. Well R and I both agree that we are hoping the Cardinals win. R wants them to win for Kurt Warner's sake, he's older, was bagging groceries before he played football and so what he beat the Patriots once in the super bowl. So What! He has a good story. I however want them to win for a completely different reason. As some of you who read this blog know, the cardinal was my Mum's favorite that's why I want them to win.

Now I'm going to return to watching the previously scheduled program....


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C said...

I've always loved Super Bowl Sunday, but am embarrassed to say that even with the football "lessons" all of my male friends have given me since high school, I still don't fully grasp the game! I know. So sad!

I think I just love the idea of Super Bowl Sunday. You know...friends, food, fun!

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I'll definitely be back to check yours out :)

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