Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Impromptu Visit

Well we had an unexpected visitor last night. Auntie A was off island and was able to spend the evening last night as well as most of the day today before going off to do errands and spend tonight with a friend who lives nearby.

Auntie A is the cool, pretty, fun Auntie. She is what I used to be to my nephew long before I had my own children. She is also what my Mom was to all of her many nieces and nephews before she married and had her family.

N enjoys Auntie's visits but n loves them. She has fun hanging with the big girls even if it is just sitting at the table together swapping stories as the grown ups enjoy a glass of wine or two. That is how we spent last night and then after the children went to bed A and I stayed up talking until well after midnight. It was such an enjoyable evening.

Today we had a leisurely morning. I made pumpkin bread and coffee and then mid morning we had a late breakfast of bread, fruit and scrambled eggs. All the while we were talking about what we would do for the rest of the day. We decided on going out with our cameras to take photos. A and I have SLR's and n used my point and shoot digital. It was so much fun. I learned how to use my RAW option on my camera and then edit the photos. It's like having a dark room in the computer. Very Cool. We even drove down to the beach. It was sunny but very cold and windy! I have missed the beach. I really wanted to plop down on the sand and sit but it was too cold for that kind of activity. So we took lots of pictures and vowed to bring Auntie back to the beach on a warmer day so that we could really walk and take some more pictures.

So when we got home it was time to eat lunch. It was decided that toasted peanut butter sandwiches would be had by all. Yumm! Auntie and I thought a drizzle of honey would be a nice addition to the sandwiches. Well let me tell you it was delicious! but there was a hitch to the yummy lunch......about 15 minutes after we ate I started getting this strange feeling in my face. I ignored it at first but then my face got increasingly hot, tingly and a bit itchy. The feeling went from my cheeks down under my chin and to my neck. I looked in the mirror and it was apparent that I was having some kind of allergic reaction. Yuck! I have to say I was a bit distressed by the whole thing. I searched for adult benadryl but of coarse the only thing we had in the house was chewable grape kids benadryl. I took it. I had to. I was getting nervous. The medicine was gross!!! To top things off n was getting me a glass of water an ended up falling and hurting herself...to the point that she was crying on the floor. Sigh!

N went to play at his buddy's house down the street so n and I just hung out an rested.

A good day all in all. I wonder if I'm allergic to the honey. I hope it isn't the peanut butter. I have had both foods many times before. Very strange. Any thoughts?

That's all for now.


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Judy said...

Sounds like you had a very nice visit....is 'auntie' your sister? and is she on Nantucket or at the vineyard? Did you ever figure out what you were having the reaction to? That is very scary!


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