Monday, February 16, 2009

Reading for Fun

So things have been a bit crazy over the last several days. I received word from my Uncle that one of my second cousins was in the crash in Baltimore. Even though I didn't know this person or his immediate family well; the news sent me reeling. This young man was an accomplished musician and a joy to his family. I feel just awful for his parents who are now grieving the death of their son. I can't imagine what they are going through. I've found myself drawn to the news about this crash as well as the memorial sites that have been set up for my cousin. News like this tends to stop me in my tracks.

In an effort to remove myself from this mindset I started reading a book for run! I have little free time these days for reading for enjoyment. Now that I have a week off I intend to set a good example and show the children how much I enjoy recreational reading. So on Saturday I began reading The Friday Night Knitting Club.

I finished it last night at 12:30. What an awesome book. The characters were interesting and felt like friends by the end of the story. It was truly one of those books that I didn't want to end. The good news is that there is a sequel called Knit Two. I'm going to get it today and I'll let you know if it is as good as the first.

I'm hoping to get back to my daily writing practice this week. We'll see..


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Judy said...

Tell me about Knit Two........I've also read the Friday Night Knitting Club and loved it. I started her second book about the food critic, but just couldn't get into it.

Reading should be fun. I never did enough of it when our daughter was growing up, but I guess my husband did enough for both of us, because she not only works full time and is getting her MBA, but she also reads for school AND for enjoyment! I am impressed by her...and by you!


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