Monday, January 5, 2009

Tricks from Mother Nature!

Today was the children's first day back to school after a two week Holiday vacation. We had a wonderful vacation full of friends, family, fun, snow, gifts and lots of yummy food. We were all resigned to go back to school if not happy about the reality of the situation. When my alarm went off at 6:45 I didn't want to get up but I knew it was a must and that this morning would be the most leisurely of all my mornings this week as the children were riding to school with their cousin due to the fact that my car was in the shop for the day. So I come downstairs and N is on the couch as usual. He tells me that there is a message on the machine from the principal of his school. Well turns out that the message was from our Assistant Superintendent informing all families of our school district that school was to be delayed by two hours today due to severe icy road conditions! We had an ice storm last night that I wasn't aware of and it coated our roads with what the weather folks call glaze. What a surprise! N was so excited. It was nice for the kids to go back and only have half a day. The first thing N did when he got to school was go to lunch! So I say thanks to Mother Nature for a wonderful joke to start us off back to school!


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Judy said...

It was in the 60s here yesterday with TONS of rain....and you had ice! YIKES
Today is slowly but surely becoming more seasonable, and we are expecting 'wintry precip' sometime in the next few days.

xo and stay warm

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