Tuesday, January 27, 2009

American Idol and stuff

So is anyone else amazed by the crazy people who audition on American Idol. How do these people actually think they sound good? I thought we were going to see more of the better contestants at the beginning of this season. What about the new judge? Kara... She is pretty tough. It should prove to be an interesting season.

So tonight we are expecting some sort of winter storm that will last thorough the morning commute. The trouble is that as of yesterday we were going to get up to ten inches of snow well in the course of 24 hours the storm track has changed and now they are saying we are only going to get 3-5 and then it will change to rain and to top the entire thing off it will all freeze up by Thursday morning. I wish we would just get a big storm so we could enjoy a regular snow day. My children, especially N are dying for a snow day. This morning N said he was sure that we wouldn't get a snow day. n responded "N you just have to be positive. If the roads are bad we'll have a snow day." Talk about polar opposites!

Anyway if your up for it and you have the energy send some snow energy up to coastal MA.


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