Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Soup! MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm

So over vacation I found the most delicious recipe for cheddar broccoli soup. I made the soup hoping that I could at least convince R to try some. He did but it wasn't his favorite. I thought it would be fund to document the process of creating this delectable delight. I photographed the various stages of prep and cooking and am happy to share some of the photos.

Be careful you might get hungry!

First you steam the broccoli,

Then you chop the onion & the garlic,

Next you find a helper to shred the cheese!

The shredded cheese! MMMMmmmmm

Next you melt the butter for the roux.

Now you have the base for a delicious soup

Add the shreds for cheddar goodness

Now you have the delicious Cheddar Broccoli soup! but wait there is more....

Adding insult to injury I decided to fry up some bacon for a crunchy, salty topping for my soup.

All that is left is the eating!!!



Alicia said...

And for pure indulgence, top with one healthy dollop of sour cream.


Judy said... does look delicious. I've been into a soup mode lately, with our cold temps here. Yesterday I made up a version of vegetable, rice and chicken for lunch. It was quite tastey, if I do say so myself!


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