Monday, September 22, 2008


So today was quite the productive day! My only weekday off was quite busy. It started with the regular morning routine...getting up, preparing breakfast, lunch, children for school etc. After driving N and n to school I was off to the bank and then the store to pick up Dad's groceries. I delivered and put away the groceries and then spent some time visiting. We had our usual conversation about Fluffy and all that Fluffy does to entertain Dad. The cat is quite fresh, but Dad adores her. Here she is before she was spade and got chubby!

Anyway it was a quick visit as I had chores to do at home, not to mention meetings for which to prepare.

Back at home I got some laundry done, phone calls made, doctors appointments made for Dad and I even managed to iron a couple of outfits. This was just the beginning.

This afternoon I had two meetings scheduled. The first of which was a special education Team meeting for one of my former students. I went to support this child's Mom. There had been issues with the school system prior to this and we both expected a less than warm reception. Boy were we wrong. They let the child's Mom share all of her information and concerns uninterrupted. They all looked at the portfolio she brought from last year. They were even receptive to having her be in the room during testing. This was something that I thought would be a problem. Everyone was friendly, warm and receptive! What a relief. I left the meeting feeling quite hopeful for this family.

As soon as this meeting ended I had to race over to the central school offices to meet with our new superintendent and several other Stand for Children strategy team members. Our meeting began late but it was well worth the wait. Can I say collaboration! Yes I can! That has been our goal for the past year and we finally have it with this new superintendent. He actually sees us as allies and wants to communicate and work with us on issues facing our schools and children. He even shared with us that the school district will be devising a ten year vision/plan and that members of the community will be involved. He suggested that some of the seats on the committee should be filled by Stand members! WOW! He even spoke about how great it is that we have a core group of parents but wouldn't it be wonderful if we could have an even larger core group of involved parents. To me that sounds like he is interested in helping us to get the word out about Stand and build our membership! What a great meeting. We left and everyone was very impressed. Having met with the superintendent previously on my own I was thrilled that everyone was as impressed as I had been upon meeting him.

Anyway that brings us up to about 4:15 this afternoon. So much more was accomplished tonight but at this point I am tired and will have to share more another day!


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