Sunday, September 28, 2008


So I watched the Presidential Debate. I don't think it significantly benefited either candidate. The fact that McCain didn't walk away the 'winner' of the debate was good for Obama. I was struck by how little they spoke about the financial crisis in which we now find ourselves. If I remember correctly, McCain implied that he pushed for more regulations and oversight of the financial institutes...the following link would lead us to believe that this was hot his typical stance

t r u t h o u t Keating Five Ring a Bell?

I also was struck by McCain's insistence that we win the war in Iraq. This statement in my opinion is hugely egocentric and perhaps connected to his own experience in Vietnam. The fact that some people in our country including John McCain think that we can go over to the middle east and change various systems of beliefs, internal conflicts and a way of government and life that has been existence for as long as it has is truly unbelievable. We are the United States but we are not all knowing and all powerful. This is not to say that I do not fully support the work that our young men and women are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as abroad. I just think it is time for our military to come home and regroup. We need to provide reliefe and support to the families who have so bravely served our country. The fact that John McCain said that if he were to be elected that veterans would have a friend in the White House begged the next question. Where have you been since 1982 when you began in Washington. The following link might interest those who believe McCain would be a friend to veterans.

John McCain No Friend of Veterans : Veterans Today - U.S. Military Veterans VA Home Loans, Vet Jobs, VA Benefits, VA Hospitals, VA Administration

Something else I have given much thought to lately is the idea of having a 'maverick' leading our country. So I looked up the word and these are a few of definitions that I found:

a lone dissenter, as an intellectual, an artist, or a politician, who takes an independent stand apart from his or her associates.

One that refuses to abide by the dictates of or resists adherence to a group; a dissenter.

Synonyms: bohemian, dissenter, loner, nonconformist, stray, unbranded

Certainly it will be important to elect someone who is strong in his convictions, however that person also needs to be able to collaborate and work with others to solve problems.

When I think of a maverick leader I think of someone who is a rogue leader. Our country's image has been tarnished over the last eight years. Electing a maverick will not improve our image.

As we consider our options in November we have to think about the candidates decision making abilities. The fact that McCain chose Sara Palin rather than say Elizabeth Dole to be his running mate speaks volumes to his decision making abilities. Even conservative writers are concerned about his choice. Check out this article to see what I mean

Palin Problem by Kathleen Parker on National Review Online

If you need evidence regarding Palin's lack of qualifications to be a heartbeat away from running the most powerful nation in the world perhaps you should check out these links. I have to say I almost feel bad for her. It seems to me that her party has thrown her under the bus. She appears to be unprepared for the interviews and it seems that she is only being used as a trophy VP candidate. I hope she takes Kathleen Parker's advise.

The Mark Levin Show » Gibson Interview

Exclusive: Palin On Foreign Policy, Katie Couric Interviews The Candidate About Watching Russia, Her New Passport And Her Opinion Of Obama - CBS News

One-On-One With Sarah Palin, CBS Evening News Anchor Katie Couric Interviews Alaska's Governor On The Ailing Economy - CBS News

Well we have a lot to think about. For me the choice is clear. Obama represents history, change, hope and a bright future for Americans.



Another Mama for Obama!

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