Saturday, September 20, 2008

Change is Possible

Lest we think change is impossible I have a story to share. Some may remember my post from last year Surfside Serenity: The First Week and Standardized Testing!!!!!!!! . Well blessings come to us in various ways. It was through this incident that I eventually became involved with Stand for Children. I have found my involvement with this group to be both empowering and inspirational. I work with like minded parents and citizens who believe we can do better for all of our children. I am enjoying my position of Chapter Chair for our local chapter and have also found our Massachusetts Leadership monthly meetings informative and energizing. I have learned about the power that groups of constituents have when addressing an issue.

Two weeks ago I was reminded that while there is strength in numbers, sometimes it takes just one passionate person to stand up for what is right in order to make a change. At N's open house I was able to talk with a Mom from his class who was also n's teacher last year. It seems that when the administration was configuring the testing plan for the beginning of this year (that according to the meeting I had with the new school superintendent is mandated yet not funded by the state) the reading specialist who was involved in creating the schedule brought a copy of the letter I wrote last year after n's incident with the testing. With the help of this input testing for the entire school was pushed back with the first grade testing not happening until the end of September. Not only that they have changed the instrument from a first grade tool to a kindergarten tool. In this teacher's words "You're our Norma Rae! You saved us!" What a wonderful feeling! I had hoped that I could make a change, but was happy to have at least expressed my opinion and concerns. To be validated in such a way and to make a difference for all the first grade teachers and children is incredible.

So the lesson to this story is that even though strength is in numbers a single person can make a difference! We just need to stand up for what we believe in and what we know to be right!

Peace, Love and Hope!


Anonymous said...

yay!! this makes me so happy! kudos to you. what an inspiration!

Barbara said...

Thanks Kyra!! It is so refreshing to know that change, however small is possiple!


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