Monday, May 21, 2007

Healthy Again and All is Well

Well over the past month I've done my share of tending to ill relatives. Most recently little 'n' had another bout with a fever virus. At one point her fever was up to 103! Fevers make me nervous especially when they start to get over 101. Poor little thing was lethargic, tired and just down right miserable. She even had the chills throughout the night. It is such a helpless feeling when your children are sick and there isn't much to do except comfort and stay close by. The virus she had lasted for three days. By Saturday afternoon she was starting to feel more like herself. The fact that she was yelling at her older brother was a tell tale sign. I'm also happy to report that I did not have to bring Dad to the doctors today. Last week the nurse practitioner was so happy with his progress that she extended his appointment out for two weeks and I had to extend it out for an additional week do to scheduling conflicts with school. So he doesn't go back until June 4th. It is nice to have a break from his doctors office. Unfortunately I didn't get away scott free as I had to bring both children for a long overdue dental appointment. They go to a pediatric dentist who is wonderful. She has a great staff and a beautiful office. She is thorough and kind. A couple of cavities later and two dental appliances in process in the hopes of keeping the children out of the orthodontist office and we were back on our way home. The next week will be very hectic as it is 'n' last week for Kindergarten and my last week teaching the 3-day for this year. We have gifts to assemble, cards to construct and thank you's to write. I will take pictures of the teacher gifts and post next Monday if not sooner. I'm off now to attend to our bedtime routine. Always something to do.

Oh and I almost forgot...the folks who were trying to micro manage Grammy and J have been stopped by Elder Services. Grammy is so grateful and relieved to have the power returned to it's rightful place. I'm thrilled that the drama will end for a little bit anyway.


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