Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Final Week

Well so much for healthy and well. On Thursday morning N woke up complaining that he didn't feel well. At first I didn't take him seriously because lately he's been wanting to stay home from school. He is totally ready for his school year to be over even though he still has 2 weeks left. I told him that I thought if he had something to eat maybe he would feel better. Don't you know that when I kissed him on his forehead he was HOT!!! Now this wouldn't be such a big deal normally but it was my LAST day teaching this year! I couldn't be out. So I had to call around looking for help. My friend 'M' whom is almost always available had a doctors appointment so that wasn't the answer. Well R ended up coming home to take care of N. During the day his fever evolved into a stomach thing. He was sick through the night and had to stay home on Friday too. By noon on Friday he felt well enough to go stay with Dad for a few hours so that I could go to n's graduation from kindergarten. Nothing like a little stress to end the school year, but it all ended up fine thank goodness.

Back to Thursday...n delivered her teacher gifts to school with my help. They were beautiful and her teachers and Mrs. A loved their gifts. n helped in every step of the process. She even picked out and helped to arrange the flowers. She made very thoughtful cards too. I think she was proud of the work she did for her teachers.

So on Friday I was able to attend n's graduation ceremony. At her school this ceremony if very special and usually just attended by the children and the teachers. I was honored to be a guest. The children sit on chairs in rows with the teachers at the front facing the class. Each child is called by his or her full name to come to the front of the . At this time the teachers ask each child to share the most important thing he or she learned in Kindergarten that will help them in the future. The answers were beautiful and I was on the verge of tears at several points during the ceremony. When the children answer the question they are awarded the 'Silver Acorn'. The sterling acorn is given to the children in a beautiful pouch with a lovely poem about strength and wisdom. When n was asked what she thought was most important she said "helping others". I couldn't be more proud of her. After the ceremony we had a special snack...ice cream cones. After snack the children went outside to play. It was a wonderful and emotional day for everyone. I will treasure the memories of this day and I hope n will too.


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