Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Caring for Dad

Yesterday was spent visiting and caring for Dad. The day started off dropping N off at school and then n and I went to CVS to pick up Dad's medicine. We stopped for some breakfast treats at the local bakery and then off to Dad's we went. n enjoys visiting with Dad's cat Fluffy. Dad enjoys seeing both of my children and often asks for them when they stay home. So we made sure Dad had his meds, took a shower and was ready for his doctors appointment later in the afternoon. n and I went home to prepare to drop her off to school. We had to make arrangements so that she could have a ride home with a friend rather than having R pick her up early from school so that they could get home to get N off the bus. All this rearranging is so that I can take Dad to his appointment at 3:20. Juggling young children and elderly parents and grandparents is quite and undertaking.

So after working in N's classroom for the afternoon I went to pick up Dad and we were off to the Doctors. Both of us hoping it would be a quick visit. Well, we were wrong. Evidently it was a busy day at the office yesterday and they were running a bit behind. After all was said and done Dad is now on another antibiotic and set up for an addition appointment next Monday. The fistula that was there last week has improved a bit but it now seems that there are two others as well. We are going for the least invasive approach possible as Dad would have difficulty keeping up with the requirements of a surgical intervention. Hopefully the next round of antibiotics and faithfully soaking the wound in a sitzbath will clear up the situation. It is challenging because he doesn't always remember or want to take the actions necessary.

On a different note I spent a good deal of time being productive this weekend getting things done for school. I have nine end of the year conferences coming up in the next two weeks. Usually I would wait until the night before to write and type them well hold onto your hats.....I wrote all nine conferences and have three typed and ready to go. I couldn't be more proud of myself. Even R was impressed! Now I just have to get a handle on the coarse work I've started. I'm about half done with the first session's assignments. Not bad for a lifelong procrastinator.

Anyway I hope everyone has a great day. It is going to be a beautiful day!


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