Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Texture Tuesday

This week was a free and easy week at Texture Tuesday.  The only guidelines were to use two textures on the image.

At this time of the year my heart sings at the sight and aroma of the beautiful lilac.  I had the opportunity to take a few shots of the lilac over at 40M this past weekend.  I added yesteryear and annabelle to all of the following images.  I think they look a bit dreamy.



georgia b. said...

these are all so pretty. but the third one is my favorite! all our spring blossoms are gone around here. they don't last long enough, do they? but at least we can take lovely photos of them to keep them with us longer. nice texture use!

Vickie ~ BGlad Papercrafts ~ WhimseyDimples Studio said...

Lilacs are my favorite. Love the way the textures soften them.

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