Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

Ok, I'll admit it.... this has never been my favorite weekend.  Even when Mum was still living it was always difficult to live up to the expectations of this Hallmark holiday.  Now that she is gone as well as my MIL and the children's great grandmother the day/weekend is a sad reminder for me.  I know that I should celebrate my own motherhood but honestly I celebrate and am grateful for that gift every day!  So I think tomorrow will just be a peaceful day spent outside in the sun, on the beach and working on artistic creations.

Today however we will be heading down to Connecticut to see R's cousin get married.  It is refreshing to be getting together with family for a happy occasion.  Over the past decade to many times our gatherings have revolved around death.  N will stay home with the dog and mind our house but be in constant contact by cell.  It will be a fun day...long but fun.

To all my Mom friends and readers Happy Mothers Day.

Oh and a quick note to my readers who are spiritual.... my friend M is back in fighting mode with her cancer.  She is going to have surgery.  We are all concerned for her well being.  Please add her to your positive intentions and prayers.  Thanks!


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