Monday, April 16, 2012

Yard Work

Yesterday was a great day.  It started off with a visitation from my Mum.  I had a horrible dream that woke me up very early.  I debated to get up or not and as I was contemplating an early rise I heard the song of the cardinal.  It sounded like she was directly outside my window.  Her song was loud and clear.  Since Mum died the cardinal has come to represent her spirit.  Her song yesterday was like having my mother at my bedside stroking my hair or rubbing my back lulling me back to sleep, just as she did when I was a young child.  After hearing her song I rolled over and went back to a peaceful sleep.  When I awoke for the day it was the song of the cardinal and the thought of my mum that came to my mind.  Such a nice way to begin my day.

Mid morning R and I headed over to 40 M to work on the yard.  The B's(our tenants) are wonderful.  They love the house and are taking care of it.  Last fall we were still working on completing the inside of the house and did not have the funds to work on landscaping so now we are beginning the yard transformation.  I had some thoughts and drew out some plans that we talked about on Saturday.  Mr. B had the idea of clearing the side yard (why didn't we think of that?)  to create a flat area .  We were totally on board with his idea.  He also suggested tiering off the side and using railroad ties to create a wall of some sort.  He has worked in the landscaping industry and knows how to do this work.  He even offered to do it with us.  Awesome!  So we spent the day clearing the side yard.  Can I just say that it is amazing.  It looks beautiful.  I am thrilled with all that we got accomplished.  We ripped out 40 years worth of vines and thorny trees.  Now there is truly a side yard.  It will be beautiful once it is tiered off, leveled and grass or sod is planted in that space.  The B's even offered to purchase a little white picket fence for the border by the road.  How cute are they?  Can I just say that we have had more cooperation and collaboration with these virtual strangers than we ever had with able bodied family that lived there.... It is wonderful to have this collaboration but a little bittersweet at the same time.  So to sum up yesterday was a productive and invigorating day.  We accomplished an amazing amount of work in about 6 hours.  The only down side is that I neglected to put on sunscreen (duh? what was I thinking)  and ended up with a nasty sunburn on my face and neck!  :(  I'll hopefully get over and take pictures and post in the next few days.


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