Sunday, April 15, 2012

Our Word View - Mellow

The most mellow pet I have every had the pleasure of sharing my home with was Fluffy.  He chose our family to be his own many years ago when he was evicted from a neighbors home... put out because the family's daughter preferred their second cat and the two cats just didn't get along.  Fluffy was not only beautiful but also gentle and sweet.  He was more like a dog than a cat.  He came when called, sat by your feet and adored attention.  He spent most of his time outside.  Whenever we would go outside, in no time at all Fluffy would be running to be with us in the yard.  He would follow us and rub around our legs, winding his way inside and out as if her were training for a cat show.  As soon as he would see us he would start purring.  He was such a love.  Last year his health declined.  In retrospect I'm certain that he had lyme disease.  He went out one evening during April vacation and never returned.  I love this picture of him. It exemplifies his personality perfectly, as does our word of the week.... mellow.  He was a mellow, yellow love of a cat.  I will always miss him.

Please visit Our Word View to see how Liz interprets the word mellow through photography.  


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Liz said...

I have heard of cats going off to die but I never knew of anyone who's cat actually did it!

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