Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Quiet....

Well I have had a lot to say over the last month.  I can't believe I made it through NaBloMoPo with more posts than necessary (39 to be exact).  I am proud to have posted every day and plan to continue this practice.  I guess it has become a good habit.  If only I could turn exercise into a good habit that I like.  Hmmmmm I'll need to work on that over the next several months.

Anyway as I said I have talked a lot over the last month.  Now it is time to be quiet for a while.  I am going to post but will write just brief tidbits to describe, explain or annotate my photography.  I have decided to participate in two Photo Journaling activities over the next month.  One I have already talked about here.  The second is entitled December Views.  I have visited some of my favorite blogs who are participating and finally found the link to where this practice originated.  I am excited to flex my photography muscles over the next weeks.  Not talking is tricky for me so there may be a post snuck in here and there just so that I can scratch the writing/ talking itch.  We'll see.  I am trying to practice being 'quiet' in other areas of my life as well.  While I am a good listener I am learning that sometimes I need to listen more and not be ready to jump in to defend, justify, explain or whatever; just listen.  I have people in my life who do not just listen so I'm hoping if I lead by example change may follow.   You will be able to follow my progress through my posts.

I'm also hoping that the quiet will help me process the anniversary of Dad's death.  It was a year ago on Dec 5, that he passed.  For me the day of the week seems more significant than the date, I'm not sure why.  The process started on Wednesday and ended early in the morning on Saturday.  I've gone back and re read what I wrote.  It made me cry.  I won't read it again as I want to honor his memory in a happy way.


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