Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to School Blues

Well tomorrow is the first day back to school for N, n and me! I have to say that I am so sad to see our summer end. I have truly enjoyed being with my children. We spent the entire summer together. There were days when we were all frazzled but for the most part we enjoyed each others company. We went to the beach, visited with friends, spent some time with Papa, did errands and spent time just lounging around the house. It was a relaxed time enjoyed by all. As every fall begins I end up with butterflies in my stomach. I guess I'm nervous for the new challenges that lie ahead for my children as they enter into a new stage of their education and the challenges that I face with a two new classes of preschoolers and their families. This year brings additional challenges at work as we face a Reaccreditation visit from the NAEYC as well as the continued uncertainty of the current economic climate. I think that I will be filling out paperwork to start substitute teaching on Mondays and Fridays at my local elementary school. I'm thinking that now at 40 I need to prepare for my own future as well as that of my children. I don't think working 24 hours at a preschool is going to pay for college or retirement. I feel like I will be facing a crossroads of sorts this year. The feeling is a bit unsettling. Stay tuned!


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