Friday, August 7, 2009

The Birthday Marathon!

So it began two days ago with the arrival of a package from Grammy (via cousin A) and a card from Auntie 'F' for 'n's 9th birthday. She was sooo excited. Usually when we receive gifts from Grammy they come in a box unwrapped well not this time. 'n' was so excited to unwrap her gift. Check it out.

wonder what's inside this package?

oooh look it's wrapped.....

I know I can get this out...

This is so fun!

Wii American Idol 2 Yay!!!!!

NOW I'll read the card.

The marathon continued with her actual birthday..... August 6th...... special tv privileges, special lunch, special treat from Rose and Vickie's up the street, trip to the jewelry store to order a cape cod bracelet. What a great day.

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday dear 'n'

Happy Birthday to you!

Lest you think the marathon is is not. The big party is tomorrow. 'n' only invited a few friends, her best friend might not be here as she had some sort of stomach bug. Very disappointing but we'll do the best we can to have a fun day. We worked on her cake tonight. She is having a beach themed party. 'N' will be celebrating his birthday on Sunday. Definitely the marathon weekend.

The ocean cake

working on the cake

kelp in the ocean

fish in the sea

Where have the 9 years gone???

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