Sunday, August 9, 2009


Well the parties are over! The kids had a blast this weekend. 'n' enjoyed having her girlfriends over yesterday. Unfortunately only three girls were able to come to the party and one came down with the stomach bug the day before the party. The two girls who came had to leave early but we were able to fit all the festivities into the shortened party. The girls decorated canvas bags, enjoyed water gun fights...especially chasing 'N'..., ate snacks, played limbo, had cake and ice cream, opened presents and destroyed the fish pinata! We got all this done between 1 and 2:30/3:00. It was jam packed fun!

Decorating bags :)

Girl power!

Get Him!!!!

You can't get me!

'N' a good sport for letting the girls chase him down and soak him with the water guns and pails of water! He had a blast too.


How low can you go?
Cake and ice cream!
So today was 'N's party. I'll post about that tomorrow.
Peace! (and quiet)

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