Sunday, August 23, 2009


Well hurricane Bill blew through the east coast last night and left behind some incredible surf! Mid day 'n' and I went down to the beach to see if any treasures had washed ashore. We decided to take a short walk as the tide was coming in and the waves were huge. We met up with our friend J the lobster man. He was retrieving one of his pots that had come undone and was being washed ashore. As we walked further we saw another of J's pots. I tried to retrieve it for him but only ended up getting completely soaked from the wast down by the huge waves crashing on shore. I have to say that the waves were so large that they made me a bit nervous. We went back to tell J about the other trap and walked over to help him retrieve it before it ended up washed out to sea or crashed against the rocks. So as we pulled in the trap J noticed that it held a good sized lobster. Once again we were the proud recipients of a yummy lobster lunch. I can't wait till baking weather returns so that I can make my Mum's homemade Irish bread and bring him a loaf to thank him for his generosity. He is such a nice man and reminds me so much of a grandfather figure from my youth. So back to the lobster... J showed me how to hold the lobster so that I wouldn't get pinched and he told me (in his Irish brogue) to run it home and boil it up right away. That is exactly what we did, well we didn't actually run but boy did we walk fast!

After lunch we decided that we would return to the beach at high tide with camera in hand to check out the surf. It was unbelievable. The sound of the surf crashing against the beach sounded like thunder. I've never seen the tide that high. I ended up taking over 900 photos! I thought I'd share a couple of my favorites with you here.

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Kelly Muys Wood said...

Beautiful pictures!

I was so relieved that Bill didn't end up being worse...

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