Friday, October 31, 2008

Posting Like Crazy!

So I'm writing another post to be published on Friday. Just a quick little not because I know that it will be a crazy day with Halloween and all. So I was noticing how many posts I have published this month. 20 posts I think. It made me wonder about how many times I posted in previous Octobers. Well the answer is not much! In 2007 I managed 4 posts. In 2006 I had yet to begin my online blog.

I'm looking forward to writing everyday for the month of November. I have a book of writing prompts that I began using to add to an autobiographical piece to this journal that I call Reflections. The prompts are intended to create a collection of writing that would be passed down to my children one day. I'm hoping to include some entries in November from this book.


Oh and Happy Halloween!

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