Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Working Mom Guilt

So you'll never guess where I am today! Any ideas? I'll give you a hint...look back at Monday's post only switch children. Yes it is true I am home with another sick child. 'N' is up in my bed resting and watching TV.

Let me back up a bit; he actually didn't feel well yesterday, but Tuesday is the beginning of my work week so I felt like I needed to be at work. I don't have an extended network to help out in such situations. He didn't have a fever yet he felt sick; congestion, sneezing, big head etc., It didn't seem like he was sick enough to not go to school, so I told him to try to make it through the day and that he could go to the nurse and she would call me and I would come and get him if he couldn't get through the day. He was not happy with me but I felt like he should go to school. After dropping him off at school I felt the inevitable guilt that I knew I would feel. If I were a stay at home mom I would have had him stay home. Unfortunately I am not a stay at home mom. So all day at work I was expecting to get a call from the school nurse. No call came so I thought great I'm in the clear. Well, as usual I called home to check in as I drove home from school. R gave me the heads up that 'N' was in a bad mood. He was right. Evidently in the afternoon 'N' went to the nurse but because he did not have a fever they would not call me. So much for my " If you don't feel well go to the nurse and they'll call me." line!

So he was up all night with congestion, cough etc. Here I sit with a sick child on the couch and a case of 'teacher' guilt because I know how busy school is without a teacher calling in sick. It's a no win situation.

Here's hoping tomorrow is better.


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