Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hollywood East!

Well our town has been going through an ongoing debate about the possible development of a movie studio village. Over the past year two sites have been investigated. The first site that was more off the beaten path turned out to have significant title issues and did not work out. The second site however is much more accessible and will be more easily developed. It is actually currently an 18 hole golf coarse. We have many in our town so we won't miss this golf coarse. Town planners and powers that be have been struggling as they figure out how to strike a deal with the company who has made the Hollywood East proposal. As a town we voted on a non binding question to inform decision makers. The vote overwhelmingly turned out 'yes'. Well last night the town meeting representatives honored the popular vote and voted in the measure to allow the project to proceed. I watched the meeting live. It was quite impressive. In these harsh economic times this project inspires hope. The only snag I see is question 1. If question 1 goes through a significant portion of the state funding will most likely disappear. We'll see what happens next Tuesday!


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