Saturday, August 2, 2008

Site Meter Problems

So this morning I tried to access my blog and IE continuously aborted my attempt. Very frustrating and I have a feeling others are experiencing this as well. I did some research and it seems that Site Meter is causing the problem. So the solution...remove Site Meter from your blog. Too bad. I did enjoy checking out how folks found my blog. Now I'll have to rely on my Live Traffic Feed. I just hope all my other blogging friends figure out what to do so that I can continue to visit their lovely blogs.



Alicia said...

Sitemeter has been doing upgrades and moving its server etc... They've been sending us fairly regular updates on it (if you have that option checked). After this weekend, you should be able to put sitemeter back on with no problem.

Barbara said...

Thanks for the info Alicia!
I must not have checked that box. I'll be happy to put site meter back. I'll be even happier to be able to visit all of my favorite blogs.


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